Mikes Chutneys


Spiced Balsamic & Red Onion Marmalade… rich onion flavour with a sweet, lightly spiced taste

Red Onion & Apricot…. Onion & apricot blended together to make a crunchy sweet flavour
Shropshire Pickle….a good all round sandwich pickle, packed with chunky tomatoes, apples, courgettes, onions, raisins & gherkins infused with spices.
Red Chilli & Tomato Chutney….red chilli & chunky red tomatoes infused with garlic & coriander creates a warm chilli flavour.
Fruity Apple & Beetroot Chutney……chunky apple & diced beetroot with Mikes special blend of spices, creates a deep sharp beetroot flavour.
Staffordshire Pickle….chunky tomatoes, apples, courgettes, onions & sultanas infused with spices create a savoury pickle flavour
Carrot & Cumin Chutney….. one word: Yummy! Excellent with Indian food
Chilli Jam - Used as a Chutney or relish the infusion of Red Chilli, Tomatoes with Lemon Grass & Ginger, creates a sweet warm flavour
Pickled Shallots…shallots pickled in a mixture of Malt & Balsamic Vinegar, for crisp slightly sweet shallots
  Mango Chutney - Traditional receipe with abit of added spice

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