Caws Cenarth Cheese


Perl Las… unlike any other blue, strong in taste yet delicate enough to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. The taste is a round creaminess with lingering blue overtones.


200g truckles:

Caws Cryf -A strong mature cheese that has a supple texture with a great slightly sweet aftertaste.

Cennin Cenarth - Mature with leeks and white wine.This soft textured mature cheese has a gentle flavour with a well rounded savoury taste.

Tomi Twym - Mature with sun dried tomatoes, chilli and white wine.A strong cheese that's a little spicy and at the same time slightly sweet.

Brandy Braf - Mature with apricots and brandy,firm- textured cheese with a rich , strong taste and just a hint of sweetness


Perl Wen… a creamy soft brie-style cheese with a fresh, pleasant aroma and an underlying hint of sea salt crystals.




Fantastic Perl Wen

We tried the Perl Wen and it has a creamy fantastic smooth taste. Could not stop having it on warm toast. A Delight! (just keep at the right temperature and it won't smell!)

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